The World of Orb

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The World of Orb is a world not unlike our own, it is born out of the cultural and mythological tales that have been told throughout the centuries. It is a world of war, magic, horror, hope, and intrigue. It is a world with a history, full of old, magical, and forgotten places. It is a world of monsters, beasts, sorcery, and the occult. Most importantly, it is a world of heroes.


These are the Last Ages of Orb. In these ages, iron and steel are readily available and used to arm most troops. Magic resources have continued to dwindle, but mages have become more organized, and their knowledge of the different magic paths are greater than ever before. The magical races have diminished, and Humans have become more numerous and more powerful. Many believe that it is the eve of the end of the world. Shadowy figures plot the downfall of nations, and dark cults seduce the curious and the powerful alike with promises of forbidden wisdom.

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The Races of Orb


Orb is home to many races and nations, with a split primarily between Humans and Demi-Humans. In these days, Humans are ascendant but Demi-Humans often play an important part in Human culture and affairs.

The Faiths of Orb


The religious tapestry in the world of Orb serves as a source of strength and resolve for many of its denizens, as well as a catalyst for countless battles across the nations. While the faith of the awakened Empire of Ermor is a powerful force in many Human nations, many of the old Faiths are resurgent. Often, they take the form of mystery cults or as the mysterious powers behind the thrones of newly ascendant principalities.

The History of Orb


Categorizing time into several distinct Ages, Human historians have long sought to understand the world they inhabit. As nations struggle for dominance, many understand that the lessons of the past can echo into the present. Adventuring heroes find history to be a useful resource, often studying the annals for information about abandoned treasure holds or mythology for insight into a deadly foe.

The World of Orb is adapted from Illwinter’s Dominions property, itself born out of the tabletop role-playing games enjoyed by the game’s designers.
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The World of Orb

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